After six self-released albums Memo Guerra returns with material, an album five years in the making. The record was started in London, where the producer was based at the time and finished in Austin, TX, where he relocated in 2011.

With material Memo has crafted a perfect pop album in the classicist sense, with psych/folk-prog leanings, sharp and unexpected left turns, elegant melodies and generous arrangements embellished with inventive textures.


The melodies and textures are complex, gentle atmospherics abound. And it all works. Recommended as the soundtrack to your next slow motion dream sequence.

-International Tapes


Sorting through these light-intro’d sounds of percussion loops, soft piano keys, and vocals fit for midnight-conversations, as Memo Guerra builds an interesting effect throughout each listen. The music is all definitely worth an investing listen for those looking for a distantly welcoming experience

-AWD Castles


All of these seemingly superfluous elements could easily be stripped away leaving the song to stand on its own, but that’s not what he does. Instead he forces you to listen a little deeper and maybe read between the lines which, in the end (and in my opinion), gives the track a unique edge.

-Cactus Mouth